Friday, April 25, 2008

Honduras -- Humanitarian Assistance, Hot Temperatures, and a Hurt Ankle

So the rest of our Thursday in Honduras was busy and hot...

The JCOC participants had lunch with Joint Task Force Bravo personnel. The meal? A variety of MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). The location? Wherever their JTF Bravo personnel chose to take them -- their work spaces, their berthing, outdoor under a tree, or wherever else seemed like a good place to figure out how to eat an MRE and learn more about the service members assigned here.

After lunch, the JCOCers split into three teams (Blue Team divided up betwen the Red, White and Green teams) to see other aspcets of JTF-Bravo activity. They witness humanitarian assistance and visited a localsmall town, delivering sports equipment for the children and seeing the construction of foundations for new buildings -- part of their Beyond the Horizons Exercise. They also visited with the Mobile Surgical Team (MST), and witnessed a firefighting demonstration -- with a few of the JCOCers geared up to help in the demo! And finally, they were able to try their hands at the repelling towers.

It was here at the repelling towers that we had a bit of an unfortunate issue. One of the mighty "Go Navy" Blue Team members left with a broken ankle. Doing well and still tagging along as we near the end of our journeys, this JCOCer has another unique "sea story" to add to the diary of JCOC 75.

The full group then met up for a final dinner and "Warrior Party" hosted by JTF-Bravo. That was some great food! And some great discussion with the various personnel from JTF-Bravo and other SOUTHCOM region nations.

The JTF-Bravo visit was a great experience for all the JCOCers I spoke with throughout the day. They could not believe the impact our personnel are having with so many poeple so far from home -- particularly with the youth of Honduras.

It wasn't long before we headed back to the airport en route to our next stop, Key West, Florida. Arriving late Thursday night, we were then prepped for a day of learning about Coast Guard operations and the Joint Inter-Agency Task Force - South.

More soon!

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