Thursday, April 24, 2008

An early up, and off to Honduras

To catch you all up, the JCOC group spent Wednesday evening back in Bogota. The group gathered at Club Colombia, listened to some local musicians and discussed their observations of the conference thus far. It was a comfortable and early evening, with most participants back to the hotel by 11 p.m. Why, you might ask?

Wake up calls were at 3:30 a.m. for our next country destination, Honduras. We were en route by 4:40 a.m. and arrived in country after a nearly 4-hour flight.

JCOC was greeted on the tarmac by the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, as well as members of Joint Task Force Bravo.

This place in the heart of Central America, like so many other parts of the SOUTHCOM area, is hot!

After a bag breakfast, a briefing by the ambassador and JTF-Bravo, and some Q & A, we were headed to the field.

As I type this blog entry, I am standing in a large dry field. Two UH-60 helicopters are in the process of demonstrating sling-load operations. The JCOC members are participating as well. The helicopters are guided in, loaded with personnel (JCOCers), and further guided in to connect to their sling load. In this case today, the two loads they are carrying are a Humvee and a bundled pallet of food and water. The group is getting another direct example of what the military practices to ensure their ability to get the mission done. The JCOC members are sling-loading, directing traffic, and travelling with the helos, all under some exceptional direction by JTF-Bravo personnel.

Also, a group of military personnel from 19 SOUTHCOM nations have just arrived to further interact with our group.

OK, I think we are beginning to wrap up this part of the day's itinerary. I'll leave it here and catch up with you again shortly!


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Anonymous said...

Brook -- you dog, you! So jealous of your fantastic special mission. Hope you are striking that sweet balance between working hard and hardly working and that you are enjoying yourself. Good work on the blog!

~ Suzanna