Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guest Blog Post - W. Allen Morris

JCOC Report #2 (Joint Civilian Orientation Conference)

Wow! I feel there is so much I would like to tell you, but don't want to overwhelm you with words...

Our group includes CEOs, University Presidents, judges, top corporate execs. Very interesting people...

I am at Souda Bay US Naval Base on Island of Crete...great olives, stuffed grape leaves & baklava!

Pentagon Briefing-DoD has 2.5million employees. Including 2.1 million in uniform!

Biggest changes: organizing new US Command for Africa, preparing for change of Administration in time of war. First time change of US Administration in time of war in 30 years. Observer who has been thru 8 changes of Admin said the best one was "ugly"! Preparing budgets, recommendations for whoever new admin will be...

New Pentagon 9/11 memorial is very creative, powerful, touching & respectful. Don't miss it, next time in Washington.

Briefing last night by Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, Commander US Naval Forces Europe. Headed US Humanitarian Mission to Georgia. Behind the Scenes: We parked US C -17 on Georgia Airfield, to keep Russians from bombing field! Russians broke into shipping crate at Georgian port and stole 5 US Humvees, calling it "trophies of war".

Taking off on helos for Marine Carrier USS LHD Iwo Jima.

More later...


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