Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Touchdown in Bogota!

We arrived in Bogota, Colombia, late afternoon Monday night. There, we boarded buses and were whisked across town to our hotel. This is a country still dealing with many issues and security is not taken lightly. As such, we've been given hefty security for all our travels. As a matter of force protection, it would not be prudent to go into specifics while the trip is under way, but I can tell you that the Colombian government and our U.S. Embassy here are taking the necessary steps to watch over the distinguished JCOC group. I recommend you take a look at some of the related photos posted to the JCOC Web site!

Our evening activity was rather tame when compared to the bulk of our itinerary. We had dinner in the hotel, followed by shopping with some local merchants. It was a nice, comfortable evening.

Most folks then headed for bed, while a few stuck around in the hotel lounge and chatted about the trip thus far. For me, I unpacked, reviewed the next day's plan and headed for bed. It was the first hotel bed for 19 of us since leaving the country! Yes indeed, this program really keeps everyone going at full speed in a military environment!

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allison said...

thanks for these updates, brook. it is great to hear from the team! secdef just announced general petraeus will be nominated for centcom commander and general oderino will be nominated to go back to iraq instead of being the vice chief of army. annouced at 1100 our time.