Friday, April 25, 2008

Guest Blog Post - Lou Kerr

Being a member of the JCOC Clas 75 has truly been a life changing experience.

As days pass, friendships develop, knowledge is gained and awareness creeps into one's conciousness.

Being with bright, dedicated people serving in every aspect of our military has given me an appreciation of caring I had not experienced before.

Young men and women who take their duties seriously; who find time to be excellent fathers and mothers but still have time to give generously of their time to volunteer to elp improve the lives of others seems to be just a part of every day living for our troops.

Men and women who have served in the war zone chose to re-up to be a part of a military effort i didn't know existed.

Building schools, raising funds, digging ditches to laying their lives on the line to help other countries fight crime, drugs, or being available for disaster relief is a daily part of their lives.

The friends of JCOC have lots to be thankful for and seeing how our troops go beyond their requirements was witnessed by each and every one of the JCOC team.

More can be done to help the humanitarian efforts that the military is doing so effectively.

Private partnerships need to be formed with the military so more can be accomplished by these caring young people who have inspired and motivated us by their unselfish acts of humanity.

Ms. Lou Kerr, JCOC 75
Chair and President, The Kerr Foundation
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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