Monday, April 28, 2008

Guest Blog Post - Dirk Beveridge

When you think of the military it is easy to get caught up in the technology and power at its disposal. But what stood out most was the human element.

Our 8 day conference (JCOC 75) having visited troops at Guantanamo Bay, USS George Washington, Tolemaida & Cartagena Colombia, San Cano Honduras, and Key West Florida was amazing. But the real amazement was in the hearts, and minds of the amazing and phenomenal people in uniform that we met and the goodness that flowed from everyone of them.

Those that we met are good! Intelligent! Professional! Honorable! Have purpose! Selfless! We could go on but suffice it to say they truly are the best of what we have!

The bottom line is that they are where they are for you and me. They are where they are for our families. They are where they are as Secretary England said - so that we can wake up in freedom rather than terror and chaos.

Upon return to the States I penned a note to two sons - one 11 and the other 9 - of a reservist I met at Guantanamo Bay. I believe this note captures the essence of every service man and woman we met throughout the conference:

Marcus & Thomas - I wanted to write you after meeting your father down at Guantanamo Bay. When he spoke of you both his eyes lit up with pride and love. He told me how precious the two of you are and I know he misses you so very much.

Your father is a very special man and I was honored to meet him. I think of the word "goodness" after talking to your dad. Many years from now - when you begin to raise your own family, I know that you will tell stories about how your dad was in the middle of history ... doing not what was easy, but what was right.

Your dad is making this world a better place to live.

Marcus and Thomas I know that it is not easy for you to be away from your father - from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the two of you for allowing your father to make a real difference in the world.

With the deepest respect,
Dirk Beveridge

Dirk Beveridge
President, 4th Generation Systems

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Ikez said...

Great post Dirk. I just visited the Pentagon last week for the first time. Wow, what an experience!